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    Hello and Welcome! My name is Karen Ortiz, inspirational Educator (Guide) in Life Journey's. One of the many challenges in life is trying to be and fit into a mold that someone else has created for you. If you are feeling like an octopus being pulled in different directions and wondering who you are. If you are feeling confused and stuck in life's challenges.I have been there. One day I prayed and asked God to help me. I meditated ten to fifteen minutes a day and listened to the voice inside. I bought a notebook and started to write my thoughts, dreams and goals down on paper. I journeyed back into my childhood to discover and remember the things that made me happy. I studied yoga. I found my passions. I found my ideas that were tucked away safe and protected. I found the care free child spirit in me that was the adventurer looking for new frontiers. I found that it was okay to be me. Just as it is okay for you to be you. There is not another unique and beautiful individual like you. There is only one. You are exactly who you should be. Perfect for the divine gifts that you have been given to share with the world. Once you discover who you are and what your passion is your true abundant life unfolds. Start by loving yourself and accepting who you are.

   "Everyone has a talent/ gift that is 
characteristic and unique only to them." Sometimes the passions will start out as passing thoughts or ideas that will not leave our conscious minds. Other times it is an activity that you enjoy.  I believe that once you discover who you are and what you truly love, prosperity and abundance will follow."

Wonder what your true talent or spiritual gift is??? Sit still in a quiet place. Think back when you were about 5 years old. That magical mystical time before the objections and obstacles get in the way of your inner spirit and pure thought. When you were a FREE SPIRIT! Think! What did you LOVE? What was your PASSION? What gave you JOY? Think back before someone told you that, you could not do your passion, for what ever reason.... Think back when you believed in ALL POSSIBILITIES! Yes that was your DREAM in some shape or form. It is not too late to be who you were meant to be. Start by LOVING YOU! YOU are BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE! YOU are here to give the world your unique talent. Let your light shine.

Family, friends, work related individuals, media,etc. can impose upon you their perceptions of beauty. This makes you feel inferior and of less importance. Trying to be what others want you to be makes you feel drained and without energy. You may even feel depressed and stressed out. "Don't let yourself be trapped in the cage that others have made for you."  Be kind to yourself. Learn to love yourself as you are.  Be kind to yourself. Love yourself from the inside out.

  • Relax~get plenty of rest. Eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water. 

    • Exercise~take a fifteen minute walk. 

    • Meditate~sit still, breathe and listen. 

    You are a beautiful being of God. Take care of you. Take care of your mind, body and spirit.

    take control of


       I will guide and motivate my clients to discover what is their passion or dream in life.  

    ---Mahatma Gandhi 

    "There is a soul force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results." 


      Life has it's brick walls and glass ceilings. With a little ingenuity and creative thinking one can break through like a "Sledgehammer!"


    TIME waits for no one

       The techniques in learning will be given in a respectful and confidential environment. The client will be given constant encouragement and assistance to complete their goals. In the session each client will be treated as an individual, realizing that clients have different paths in life they must take. Each client will receive one on one assistance. 

       In conclusion I encourage each client to have good self-esteem, find forgiveness for themselves and others, motivate the client to accomplish their goals, and coach the client to help make their dreams/goals come true. I have over twenty years of combined education, business, training and consulting experience.  My background is in small business development , education, personal development, fashion and image consulting.  I have provided training and coaching for fifteen years for one of the largest universities in the nation. I have worked for one of the nations largest hospitals providing diversity training and worked with mentally challenged adults. I have five years experience in the banking industry in training/development and acquisitions. I took a brief sabbatical, studied yoga and meditation. I discovered my passion and dream in life.......To help people follow their dreams and passions in life.